Federico Faggin

Federico Faggin - physicist and entrepreneur

Italian physicist, inventor and entrepreneur who emigrated to California in 1968. He was the creator at Fairchild Semiconductor of MOS technology with silicon gates in 1968-'69, the technology that enabled the manufacture of the first microprocessors and dynamic EPROM and RAM memories and CCD sensors, the essential elements for digitizing information. In 1974 he founded and directed ZiLOG, the first firm dedicated exclusively to microprocessors, at which he gave birth to the famous Z80 microprocessor. In 1986 Faggin founded and directed Synaptics, a firm that developed the first Touchpads and Touch screens. In 2011 Faggin created the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the scientific study of consciousness.

Amit Goswami - physicist and author

Amit Goswami is a former physics professor at the University of Oregon and bestselling author, known for pioneering the quantum science paradigm that places consciousness at the center. He launched the Quantum Activism movement in 2009, gaining a following in the Americas, Europe and India, and founding the Quantum Academy and the Center for Quantum Activism. In 2019, he expanded his impact by establishing Quantum Activism Vishwalayam in India, offering advanced programs in Quantum Science. Goswami has contributed to the scientific and spiritual literature with works exploring the relationship between quantum science and consciousness, covering topics ranging from integrative quantum medicine to quantum psychology and spirituality.

Amit Goswami
Robert W. Malone

Robert W. Malone - physician and biochemist

Robert Malone, an American physician and biochemist, is known for his pioneering studies on mRNA technology and drug reuse. He has an educational background in biochemistry, biology and medicine, with studies at prestigious universities such as the University of California and Northwestern University, as well as a postdoctoral stint at Harvard Medical School. In the 1980s, he contributed to key discoveries in the development of mRNA vaccines. He has held academic and leadership roles at various institutions, including the University of Maryland and Atheric Pharmaceutical, contributing to the development of treatments for the Zika virus. More recently, Malone has expressed concerns about the risks associated with mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

Marcello Ghilardi - philosopher and researcher

Marcello Ghilardi conducts research at the Department of Philosophy, University of Padua and collaborates with the Master of Intercultural Studies at the same University. He is a member of the research group on the imaginary, "Orbis Tertius," at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Among his publications: Heart and Steel. Aesthetics of Japanese Animation (Padua 2003); The Enigma and the Mirror. The Problem of the Face in Contemporary Art (Padua 2006); Role Play. Aesthetics and Imaginary of a New Youth Scenario (with I. Salerno, Latina 2007); A Logic of Seeing. Aesthetics and ethics in the thought of Nishida Kitaro (Milan, 2009).

Monia Caramma

Monia Caramma - sustainable food reseacher

Monia Caramma is Sustainable Food Reseacher and formulates, for public and private organizations, sustainable food for health, environment. She is a member of the Board and Steering Committee of Sorghum ID, Vice President of Sorghum United, international organizations dedicated to the development of responsible Sorghum cultivation.
Editorialist and writer, she focuses her outreach on issues related to food, its transformation and the reflections on people's well-being. She is a trainer, nationally and internationally, of doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and health and wellness professionals.
She was listed by Forbes as one of the 100 most influential women in Italy shortly before the publication of her first book "Ancient and modern cereals, because knowing the variety of the flour you eat can save your life" published by Mind. In 2023 she published "The Truth Please About Food; A Food Survival Manual" Ed. Mind.
Her articles are published in Harvard Business review, Journal of Food and Nutritional disorders, Milling Techniques, The Other Medicine, Professional Pasta, among others.

Adarosa Ruffini - Lawyer and lecturer

Adarosa Ruffini, who resides in Paris but is also active in Italy, is a registered lawyer in Lucca and the owner of a law firm in Versilia specializing in commercial, corporate and maritime law. He teaches International Standardization of Integrated Systems at the University of Pisa and has written numerous articles and books on safety law, risk management and quality certification. President of the UNI Study Center, she represents Italy in the ISO TC 286 Technical Commission and participates as an expert in various international technical commissions. She also consults for the MIDAS Project Agency in London, promoting Collaborative Working and the Collaborative Economy.

Adarosa Ruffini
Mauro Rango

Mauro Rango - president IppocrateOrg

Mauro Rango was born in Padua in 1961. In the same city he graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights. Part of his life was spent in Africa where he also worked on international cooperation and the right to health. Mauro Rango is founder of IppocrateOrg and its ecosystem and author of the book "Founding a New World: the Role of the Multitude."

Fabio Burigana - physician and director of the School of Ippocrate

Graduated in Medicine in 1979 and specialized in Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy in 1983. He has worked as a hospitalist and contract physician, currently working as a freelancer. He was for more than 10 years President of the Medicine and Complexity Association creating international collaborations. With this association he won the Terzani National Prize for Humanization of Medicine. He is an Anthroposophical Physician. He aims to combine the latest scientific findings in medicine with a humanistic vision.

Fabio Burigana
Sergio Gaiti

Sergio Gaiti - deputy director School of Ippocrate

He graduated in political science from Parma, with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Paris and a Master of Finance from Milan. He has been director of medicines in Italy for Weleda and strategic consultant for various companies and organizations. He directs the Andrea Cristoforo House in Ascona, Switzerland, and is a lecturer at the Philosophy Department of the State University of Milan. He is a lecturer on the topics of ethics, money, and the construction of new spiritual, social and economic paradigms. He is on the board of various third sector organizations in Italy and abroad.

Massimo Moretti - Founder of WASP

Massimo Moretti, fascinated by the sparks from his father's laboratory, graduated in 1974 as an electronic technician. He collaborates with research centers, universities and large companies to develop automation, 3D modeling and prototyping projects, ranging from mechanics to design, cosmetics and chemistry. After filing about 20 patents, he turns to open source. In 2012, he founded WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project), producing nature-inspired 3D printers to build low-cost housing modules from natural materials. He invests profits in research on eco-friendly materials and sustainable economic models, promoting self-production through training courses and continuous innovation to meet basic human needs.


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