The Multitude is the set of Individual selves. The Multitude does not substitute its own will for that of the individual as, on the other hand, the People does. The People is one, with its People's Will taking precedence over the will of each individual. The Multitude composes many wills without unifying, without leading them to synthesis. Their synthesis, their unity, does not lie in something contrived, imposed by convention as the "popular will" is, but dwells in a universality totally, radically heterogeneous to the popular and state wills.

There is a "public intellect" and a "connection with the other" that lead to a public language in the sense of the same language spoken by each Individual self. The Ecosystem is one of the possible forms of organization of the Multitude. Consisting of all those organized, autonomous, interrelated realities on their way to definitively overcome known hierarchical forms and open up to participatory forms of "horizontal hierarchies."


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