The dinner will be an opportunity for participants to share in a rustic setting both outdoors and indoors. The food will be served in the Dominion's wine cellar and adjacent areas; ample space will be devoted to the placement of tables, both on the porch and in the garden, to allow for the support and comfort of guests. 

The choice of the catering service was made with care apt to identify, not only a good quality of ingredients, but a company sensitive to the issues and values supported by our association. The Galileo Company, together with IppocrateOrg, identified the "dishes" proposed in the Menu, preferring locally produced, artisanal ingredients and observing seasonality (where possible).  

The menu is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Only a small part of the Menu is dedicated to those with flexible diets. 

Within the proposals for the construction of the Menu, space has been given to a number of producers from the Origini circuit who will contribute their products. 

For fruit and jams we will have with us:
- Il Frutto Permesso Società Agricola Cooperativa di Bibiana (TO)

For baked goods I will contribute:
- La casa di Davide di Rubàno (Padua)

For herbal teas and barley:
- Materviva (MC)

For service and catering:
- Galileo Ristorazione di Moreno Fiorin - Padua

For bread and buns:
- Arnaldo's bread



  • Puff pastry delights with spinach and feta and with cheese and peppers
  • Small vegetable strudels
  • Trio of vegetable falafel (veg)
  • Quinoa cups with vegetables and goji berries (veg)
  • Pinzimonio in bellavista with tris hummus (veg)
  • Soft codfish on a bed of fragrant croutons
  • Sheets of freshly cut Prosciutto Crudo
  • Parmigiano Reggiano PDO fit: Harmonies of an authentic flavor
  • Pure mozzarelline with basil-scented cherry tomatoes and Cerignola olives
  • Organic chicken strips with chickpea and zucchini dance
  • Harmony of sautéed garden vegetables (veg)
  • Assortment of alpine cheeses accompanied by homemade jams
  • Baker's Treasure: basket of Delights


  • Eggplant millefeuille with golden layers of mozzarella and tomato, in an embrace of basil and Parmesan cheese
  • Pilaf rice in vegetable garden ( veg) with veil of smoked cottage cheese (on the side) 


  • Fresh fruit concert: palettes of nature (veg)
  • Minuet of sweet mignon
  • Assorted handcrafted cakes


  • Still and sparkling water
  • Jugs of "ginger and licorice" herbal tea (hot and cold) 
  • Express coffee shop

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