JUNE 22 and 23

Bagnoli di Sopra (PD)

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Why attend the convention

Mauro Rango, Founder and President of HippocratesOrg
Irina Boutourline, Vice-President of HippocratesOrg.

Join us for a sustainable and respectful future: the Hippocrates Foundation awaits you June 22 and 23

Today more than ever, millions of people around the world feel that we are at a turning point.

The crisis of our health care system, the deceptions of finance, information distortions, and environmental damage have become evident. These problems are compounded by the increase in chronic diseases and the decrease in healthy life expectancy.
It is clear that current solutions are not working.

We recognize that healing the world requires a profound overhaul of our economic model and way of life, putting human beings and the environment at the center of our concerns.

The Hippocrates Foundation calls on everyone-not just those with power, but every single person-to come together to chart a new sustainable and global ecosystem-friendly path.

This is not a call for simple answers or empty promises, but a call for concrete and determined action

We look forward to seeing you together to begin this revolutionary journey toward the birth of a new culture of respect and connection.
Your presence can turn hope into reality. Not for us, but for all future generations.

Event schedule.

Day of Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23

The Location

The Dominion of Bagnoli (Padua)

Beauty, history and art in the heart of our tradition.

Dominio di Bagnoli, established as far back as 954, is a place where time seems to stand still, weaving together a thousand years of dedication to the land with a vibrant soul of Venetian culture. Here, where the likes of Carlo Goldoni and Ruzzante found inspiration among ancient vineyards and echoes of past histories, every corner whispers secrets of a glorious past. This fascinating place offers not only picturesque landscapes but also a unique combination of beauty, history, and culture, creating the ideal setting for a memorable event.


Ordinary seats are sold out and the halls are full.

There are 5 seats left in the first row and 7 seats left in the second row.
Having decided to avoid sponsors or funding of any kind, it is possible to financially support the Event by purchasing one of the remaining special tickets.

For information write to [email protected]


We are honored to present a trio of exceptional speakers who will bring to our convention an unparalleled depth of knowledge and innovation internationally. Each has left anindelible imprint in their field, helping to shape the future of technology, medicine and the science of mindfulness.

Federico Faggin
physicist and entrepreneur
Amit Goswami
quantum physicist
Robert W. Malone
Robert W. Malone
physician and biochemist
philosopher and researcher
Monia Caramma
sustainable food reseacher
Adarosa Ruffini
Lawyer and lecturer
Mauro Rango
president HippocratesOrg
physician and director Hippocrates School.
deputy director Hippocrates School
Founder of WASP

Federico Faggin: Italian physicist and entrepreneur, pioneer in MOS technology and creator of the Z80 microprocessor with his company ZiLOG. Founder of Synaptics, introduced innovations such as touchpads and touchscreens. He devotes his later years to the study of consciousness through his nonprofit foundation.

Amit Goswami: A former physics professor and bestselling author, Goswami is an influential proponent of the consciousness-centered quantum science paradigm. He founded the Quantum Activism movement and educational institutions in India, contributing to various fields of science and spirituality.

Robert W. Malone: American physician and biochemist, known for his pioneering work in mRNA technology and drug reuse strategies. He recently raised concerns about the risks of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

Marcello Ghilardi: Philosopher and researcher, active in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Padua and collaborator in cross-cultural studies projects. He has published influential works concerning aesthetics and ethics in contemporary art and culture.

Monia Caramma: Sustainable food researcher and activist for healthy and environmental food. She is a leading figure in international organizations such as Sorghum ID and has written influential works on the importance of food diversity.

Adarosa Ruffini: Adarosa Ruffini, a Paris resident but also active in Italy, is a lawyer registered with the Lucca Bar Association and owner of a law firm in Versilia specializing in commercial, corporate and maritime law. He teaches International Standardization of Integrated Systems at the University of Pisa and has written numerous articles and books on safety law, risk management and quality certification. President of the UNI Study Center, she represents Italy in the ISO TC 286 Technical Commission and participates as an expert in various international technical commissions. She also consults for the MIDAS Project Agency in London, promoting Collaborative Working and the Collaborative Economy.

Mauro Rango: Founder of HippocratesOrg and author, Rango has distinguished himself for his commitment to international cooperation and the right to health, primarily in Africa. He has written about how the masses can influence the building of a new world.

Fabio Burigana: A physician specializing in Gastroenterology, Burigana combines scientific medicine with a humanistic view of health care. He has served as president of the Medicine and Complexity Association, promoting the humanization of medicine.

Sergio Gaiti: Deputy director of the Hippocrates School, he has a strong background in politics, finance and business. Gaiti is also active in holistic wellness and plays a significant role in various nonprofit organizations, promoting new ethical and spiritual paradigms.

Extraordinary people who not only share their vast expertise and discoveries, but also inspire generations of professionals, academics and the curious to think beyond the traditional boundaries of the possible.

Massimo Moretti: Massimo Moretti, fascinated by the sparks from his father's laboratory, graduated in 1974 as an electronic technician. He collaborates with research centers, universities and large companies to develop automation, 3D modeling and prototyping projects, ranging from mechanics to design, cosmetics and chemistry. After filing about 20 patents, he turned to open source. In 2012, he founded WASP (World's Advanced Saving Project), producing nature-inspired 3D printers to build low-cost housing modules from natural materials. He invests profits in research on eco-friendly materials and sustainable economic models, promoting self-production through training courses and continuous innovation to meet basic human needs.


In this second edition of the Hippocrates National Convention, we are pleased to combine revolutionary visions with concrete action through a series of Experiential Workshops designed to immerse participants in a new way of understanding and interacting with the world.

These workshops provide a bridge between the innovative thinking of internationally renowned speakers and thepractical application of these ideas to build a better future.

Each workshop is an opportunity to directly experience the theories and ideas discussed, turning inspiration into action. Through these hands-on experiences, participants will not only gain new skills and knowledge, but also be inspired to take these innovations into their communities and fields of work, thus actively contributing to the building of a "new world."

Participating in the Experiential Workshops is not only a learning opportunity, but an invitation to become protagonists of change, concretizing the vision of a better future in every daily gesture.

We look forward to you sharing this extraordinary adventure of transformation!

LAB: Flavors and Knowledge

- Committed to a Sustainable Food Future -

"Flavors and Knowledge is an essential event for those who believe in the importance of traceability and purity in the food sector. Our initiative focuses on the safety of agricultural products, eliminating the use of harmful chemicals and promoting organic and regenerative farming methods.

TheOriginsProject is at the core of our mission, ensuring that every food is traceable and sourced ethically and responsibly.

LAB: The Word Creates

- Explore the Power of Words -

"The Word Creates" workshop invites you to explore the power of words through creative activities and writing and reading workshops. You will discover how a richer and more conscious use of language can improve your expression and, as a result, the world around you.

Each workshop session is a gateway to greater awareness and creativity:

Words for Growing Up: We delve into the use of language in the context of children's education.
Words to Inform and Tell.: Explore the dynamism of a newsroom and the creative process behind the stories we love.
Words to Choose: Unleash your creativity with blackout poetry and discover new perspectives.

LAB: Semi-New

- Revolutionize the Future with Hemp -

The overuse of petroleum-derived materials is suffocating our planet under a sea of plastic. In response, nature offers sustainable alternatives such as corn, bamboo, and especially hemp, a plant with the potential to transform the way we live, build , and heal.

The "Semi-New" workshop explores the innovative use of industrial hemp and other ecological plants, demonstrating how these resources can revolutionize crucial sectors of our century. By participating in this workshop, you will discover the practical solutions that hemp offers, overcoming old myths and legal and infrastructural obstacles.

LAB: Art and Emotions

- Explore Art and Emotions -

During the Hippocrates convention at the Bagnoli Domain on June 22 and 23, we invite you to a unique experience in the "Theater of Emotions" workshop. This event explores the power of art as nourishment for the soul and as a tool for deep connection with life and the universe.

The workshop will open with Daniela Polin, the only teacher in Italy of the "Drawing with the Right Side of the Brain" method, which offers a scientific approach to enhance perception and interpretation of reality through art. This will be followed by an improvised theater session led by Federico Fioretto, where the audience will be invited to actively contribute in creating stories that resonate with everyone's spirit.

Also presented will be "The Bard," a theatrical performance inspired by the unedited "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov, which explores profound themes through intense dialogues and engaging interactions.

The workshop will conclude with performances by "Tha Integrated Harmonic Theater," which uses theater play and empathic listening to reveal hidden or dormant parts of ourselves, and improve interpersonal relationships. During the workshop, musical interludes will be performed by violinist Julia Geller, bringing her deep passion and heart to the performances.

LAB: VivIppocrate

- At the heart of Medicine: Man -

The workshop raises crucial questions about the current crisis in medicine despite technological advances. Care is often lost in a system that treats patients as numbers rather than human beings.

The workshop will explore two basic sides:

Humanization in medical practice.: Introducing a more holistic approach that considers the patient as a whole rather than just as a set of symptoms to be treated.
The active role of the patient in the healing process.: Encouraging patients to become co-creators of their own healing journey by increasing awareness and active participation.

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attention: registration deadline extended to june 15

June 22 - 23, 2024

Let's take to the streets, this time to build.

The experience of the first Edition (2022)


Sign up now

attention: registration deadline extended to june 15

June 22 - 23, 2024

Let's take to the streets, this time to build.

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